Space Faring Civilisation Film Festival

A Sci-Fi & Space Documentary film festival that is out of this world. Held on 9th October 2021 in Canberra Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to continued lock downs we are postponing the festival. Ticket sale have temporarliy been suspended.

Submit Your Film

Calling all Filmmakers with a passion for space exploration, submit your Sci-Fi or space documenteries now. You could win up to AU$2000 + trophy.

Submissions close on 20th December 2021.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Advertise & promote your services/products at the festival, by sponsoring SFC Film festival.

What we dream, we create

SFC Film Festival is the only one of it’s kind in the world to promote peaceful exploration of the Universe for the benefit of all, through film.

We are firm believers of what we dream we tend to create. So through Optimistic Sci-Fi we dream a progressive and peaceful future civilisation and with Space Documentaries we highlight how we are creating those dreams.

Major dates

March Equinox (21 March 2021) to 20 Dec 2021 –  Filmmakers submit their films via filmfreeway

31 December 2021 – Announcement of the winners of sub-catgories, or themes, and full festival program.

22 January 2022 – Festival screenings, sponsors exhibitions and award ceremony. Book your tickets for film screenings and award ceremony by clicking on button below.

Awards & Prizes

Each winner will recieve cash prizes and a winners trophy. There are 10 awards in total to be won.

Two major categories for best Optimistic Sci-Fi and best Space Documentary. Each will be given AUD$1500 prize money and major category trophy. The winners will be selected by the audience at the screening sessions on 22nd January 2022.

Each major category has 4 sub categories, or theme, prizes. Each will be awarded AUD$500 with theme throphy. The winners of each theme will be chosen by members of The themes for each category are:

Optimistic Sci-Fi:
– Friendly Aliens 
– For All Humans 
– Space Pioneers 
– Caring For Our Universe 

Space Documentary
– Rocket Science 
– Earth Science 
– Astronomy 
– Future Space Exploration



SFC Film Festival Sponsors

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Planetary Sponsors 

Space Pioneer Sponsors

  • The International Astronological Society