Space Faring Civilisation Films (SFC Films) encourages filmmakers to make optimistic Sci-Fi and to provide more optimistic Sci-Fi content to Fans.  It is created by Masoud Varjavandi t/a Unity Productions, who is a filmmaker in Canberra Australia.

Masoud VarjavandiMasoud created this website originally to highlight his own optimistic Sci-Fi projects, as he grows as a filmmaker, and to create an audience. However SFC Films has now evolved into resources for any filmmaker who wants to create optimistic Sci-Fi, and for fans to enjoy a diverse and ever growing Optimistic Sci-fi content.

The ultimate intent is for SFC Films to be the central hub for Optimistic Sci-Fi, but we are taking small steps. The pieces are falling in place slowly but surely.

“What we imagine we tend to create.” So let’s imagine a wondrous and better world. A world where human beings are an Ever Advancing Civilisation towards a Space Faring Civilisation.

SFC Films Website & Originals

This website is a streaming service for Optimistic Sci-Fi created by fans and filmmakers of optimistic Sci-Fi. It is free to view.

SFC original films are optimistic Sci-fi produced, or co-produced, by Masoud Varjavandi T/A Unity Productions. 

SFC Films Indie films

These films are created by other filmmakers who produced inspiring optimistic Sci-Fi and have graciously submitted their film to be included in SFC Films website and enjoyed by the community. They provide it for free for fans to enjoy.

If you’re a filmmaker and want to submit your film to SFC Films go to the Filmmakers page.

SFC Films Community and Facebook

SFC Films community are fans and filmmakers of optimistic Sci-Fi who want to support the vision of SFC films of creating a central hub for independently made optimistic Sci-Fi.

Join the SFC Optimistic Sci-Fi facebook group to take part in the conversations about Optimistic Sci-Fi projects, space sciences and general optimistic sci-fi topics.

Would you like to volunteer to make SFC Films even better? Then contact Masoud with your feedbacks and suggestions.

SFC Films Writing contests

As part of the efforts to encourage filmmakers to make more optimistic Sci-Fi, SFC films holds an annual writing contest. For details please go to Festivals page

What is Optimistic Sci-Fi

Science fiction literature has been around for centuries, in one form or another, looking at possibilities of what the future holds and exploring the unknown. Modern day Sci-Fi is deemed to have started with Mary Shelley novel “Frankenstein”. It was a turning point in literature where fantasy took inspiration from science and was the main plot instrument in the story. Since then we have had great sci-fi classics and sci-fi authors bringing us wondrous stories of exploring the unknown, and the human condition, with science as the main driver in the story. In recent decades a new form of science fiction has been flourishing, it is commonly known as Optimistic Science Fiction. A type of science fiction that still explores the wondrous unknown, and the human condition, but it does so with a positive view of the future. It’s not about ignoring the negatives, or the injustices, but a vision where human beings progress continuously and solve problems with compassion, love, justice and science.

In contrast to the many apocalyptic and dystopian futures depicted in much of current science fiction, Optimistic Sci-Fi seeks to inspire, provide a vision of hope and incite the imagination into alternative more positive futures. For your own creative inspiration, join the SFC Optimistic Sci-Fi FaceBook group and see what films and small screen works others consider fit in this genre.