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Colaborative Film Project

Shining Stars

What is it?

Shining stars is a collaborative film series project, managed by SFC films, in which members are invited to submit videos of 2-5 minutes in length bringing to light the unsung heroes in our society. 

The stories of unsung heroes could be about our awesome teachers who inspired us as kids, or a health worker putting his or her own life at risk to save others, or it can even be about a single parent working three jobs to put their kids through school for a better life. There is no limit, it can about a home inventor, scientist, philosopher.. ANYONE who are changing the way we think and live. Inspiring us to build an ever advancing civilisation towards a space faring civilisation, together.

SFC Films will review and select the submissions on a regular basis and will professionally edit them into mini documentaries and release them on SFC Films with credit to contributors to the films.

The aim of this project is not only to acknowledge the contribution of the unsung heroes who make this world a better place, but also to celebrate the positive achievements of the human species and the people who made it possible.


Terms & Conditions
  1. Only SFC Films members can submit videos to “Shinning Stars” project. To become a member go to
  2. The video must be your own creation and you must have all rights
  3. No stock footage, images or sounds. It must all come from you or your unsung hero.
  4. You must have permission from your unsung hero to record them on video. i.e. they must agree to be interviewed and a story done about them.
  5. Video must be of good quality video and sound. Bad sound will definitely not be accepted. Video  must be at least 1080P HD
  6. No monetery remunirations will be offered, as this is a passion project with limited funding, however each producer/creator of the selected videos will be offered non-monetery rewards for their great work. Also there could be opportunities for future collaborative projects with funding, where these wonderful producers will be given higher priority. 

If you have questions or want feedback please contact Masoud at

OR if you want to collaborate with other members attend one of our networking events


Helpful Hints &Tips
  1. Approach your local unsung hero, while it might be great to make a video with Elon Musk most probabaly you will not be able to inteview him or he may not give permission to make a video about him.
  2. Think about who might inspire you within your own circle? Your mum, teacher, DR, colleague, friend etc.
  3. Use what you have to record the video, you don’t need expensive equipment. Just make sure you learn how to use your exisitng equipment to it’s full potential. If you need help consider registering to one of our workshops.
  4. When asking permission make sure you either have it in writing or record it on your video. We may ask for this evidence.
  5. Don’t spend too much time editing. Do basic editing if you’re not comfortable with editing. Just simple cuts. We will, with your permission of-course, put some finesse into your video if we edit it into the documentaries. What we are looking for is the potential of your story to fit into the documentary.
  6. If you don’t have cloud storage, to upload your videos for your submission, sign up to Google drive, it’s free and they give you good 15GB
  7. If you have no idea where to start then join us in our monthly networking meeting and brain storm with us.

Video Contribution Submission Form

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