Oran Yota

Likes watching sci-fi, loves making them.



My Butterflies

- Writer, Director

Born and raised in Canberra to working class parents of Thai and Laotian decent, my passion for film started at an early age. I remember my grandma taking my cousins and I to the movies while our parents were busy at the restaurant. And it was great growing up in Canberra during the 1990s where just being on the edge of the internet age had it’s benefits in retrospect. Being bored didn’t mean endlessly procrastinating on youtube, but meant we had to make our own fun. This meant adventures on our bicycles through the nature reserves at the back of most Canberran suburbs. One day Gran got a new Panasonic video camera to record birthdays/special events, and as the grandkid who knew how to plug in the AV cables and liked photography I was tasked with the filming. That inbuilt curiosity and responsibility eventually lead to destroying Gran’s camera in the process by strapping it to a remote control car (this was all before drones were a thing). But it was too late. I was hooked. I kept on making short films for school projects and just for fun with my friends. Entering competitions here and there. Losing some, winning others. Along the way I learnt lots, got to make a short film with Baz Lurhmann and made plenty of like-minded friends.