One child's journey through life and the cycle of love that lives within him.

It’s about the butterflies. You know, THOSE butterflies. It’s about the love shared between a mother and child, how their bond fosters the first bit of love. How seeing the first person you have a crush on causes those butterflies to grow. How life’s hardships causes them to decay. How tinder, bad decisions, porn, etc. turns them to ash. How meeting the right person brings them back and how the circle repeats. Love is eternal yo!

A highly zealous scientist tears a hole in the universe and meets his other selves, but will he be able to get enough pizza for everyone?

When lights go out and a prowler is heard in the backyard a hostess must over come her fears to protect her guest. There's nothing to fear but fear itself.

A teenager imagines all sorts of trouble when her parents have a serious talk with her, but she never could have guessed the truth :)

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