If you’re a filmmaker of science fiction stories, consider creating optimistic Sci-Fi and share your vision of a better future. Ask the most profound questions. Are we alone in the Universe? Can we colonise a planet? What would a Space Faring Civilisation look like? What challenges would that civilisation need to overcome?

To help you grow and be part of the SFC Films Indie filmmaker family, you’re encouraged to submit your Optimistic Sci-Fi films for consideration on this website. NOTE: This is not a replacement for your own efforts of marketing your content, but a compliment and should be considered as part of your promotional efforts. However as the saying goes together we are stronger. As SFC Films grows and more fans join the community we are together supporting each other to create a sustainable market for our niche, the optimistic Sci-Fi genre. Also fans will be inspired from diverse filmmakers from around the world bringing wondrous stories of the future to life.

To be part of the SFC Filmmakers family submit your film to SFC Films by filling in the form below. Please read the terms and condition carefully, it is for non-profit purposes but can help each of us filmmakers to get projects off the ground. We are working on providing benefits to filmmakers who submit their films, more on that soon.

Submission form coming soon. For inquiries and more questions please contact Masoud at www.unity.productions