Monthly Members Meetup April 2021 – Flying on Mars

SFC Films regular meetup where we talk about space/science/tech stuff and sci-fi stuff related to space stuff 🙂

We network, discuss, laugh, cry and inspire together. Sowing the seeds of a peaceful and united Space Faring Civilisation

There will be guests from time to time to talk to us and discuss a particular topic.

If no specific topic then we’ll just chat and get to know each other and talk about things that matter to us, i.e. exploring the cosmos both in our minds and out there 🙂

This month we have a wonderful speaker, Josh Keegan

Topic: Flying on Mars – The Ultimate in Autonomous Flight
Special Guest Speaker: Josh Keegan from   (Thank You Josh)


Apr 25 2021


8:00am Sydney/Canberra Time
08:00 - 09:30
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