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Call For Sponsorship

Promote directly to SFC Film Festival audience & be an inspiration to space creatives

Benefits of sponsoring SFC Films

You will be able to reach 200+ audience members at the festival ranging from space enthusiasts to film makers. In addition you’ll make many connections at the festival which could lead to collaboration with other professionals and entrepreneur in both the film industry and the space & science industry.

A bonus benefit is that we will interview you at the festival for a documentary to be released later that year. The aim of the documentary is not only to promote the film festival but also the people who made it possible and how together we are sowing the seeds to a united, peaceful and progressive Space Faring Civilisation.


SFC Film Festival Sponsors

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Galactic Sponsors (Major)

Solar Sponsors (Significant)

Planetary Sponsors 

Space Pioneer Sponsors

  • The International Astronological Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sponsor this event?

Apart from the advertising opportunity, you are investing in a better future. Through films, space creatives can educate, entertain and inspire the next scientists, engineers, and space pioneers. Support them and support a better future. Sowing the seeds of a united, peaceful and progressive Space Faring Civilisation.

How will my money be spent?

Primarily your money will go towards award & prize money. Each spot of the top two tier sponsorships corresponds to a winners prize money + trophy and associated cost. The other tiers contribute in funding the costs of venue hire, celebration catering, equipment & crew hire.

How did this film festival come about? What are your plans for the future?

This film festival is part of the initiative to bring more positive and educational content to our screens. It’s founder, Masoud Varjavandi, believes that there are too many dark and grim content and we need to balance it with positive visions of the future both narrative and educational/documentary, especially now. Space exploration is a bright light in bringing the human family together. Art and science are connected, what we dream we tend to create. So let’s dream of a better future sowing the seeds of a united, peaceful and progressive Space Faring Civilisation.

This is the first year this film festival is being run as a physical event and our intent is to grow it and make it the biggest international film festival for Optimistic Sci-Fi and space documentary. You can help us do that.


Can I choose which award I want to sponsor?

Possibly, it’s the case of first come first served.

Galactic Sponsors have a choice of sponsoring “Best Optimistic Sci-Fi” award or “Best Space Documentary”

Solar sponsors have a choice of any of the sub-category, or theme, under each category. There are 8 in total. For a full list please click here

Where is the film festival held?

The SFC Film festival is held on 9th October 2021 at

Canberra Technology Park
49 Phillip Av, Watson ACT 2602

What are the promotional stalls? How do I promote my products/services?

For the Galactic sponsorship tiers you are welcome to setup a marketing stall at the festival to market your products and services. 

You can give demonstrations, flyers or connect with the festival audience at your stall. You’re welcome to setup a banner stand to highlight your brand.

How do I get credit for sponsoring you?

If you’re a Galactic or Solar sponsor, your logo with link to your website will be posted on this website as SFC Film Festival sponsors. In addition your logo and link will also be printed with any marketing materials for the film festival. eg: poster. Also your logo will be included in the festival program hand outs.

If you’re a planetary sponsor, your company name and link to your website will appear on this website as SFC Film Festival sponsors.

If you’re a space pioneer sponsor, your name will appear on this website as festival sponsor.