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SFC Film Festival 2021

2021 SFC Film festival run from 21 March 2021 to 28 Dec 2021, with screenings and award ceremony held at Arc Cinema, Canberra Australia , on 05 February 2022. Congratulations to all the winners, participants, helpers and sponsors

Festival Winners & Honourable Mentions

Click on the category below to view all the films in that category that won or were honourably mentioned and screened.


  1. Orbital Christmas (Mitsuyasu Sakai, Japan) [WINNER “BEST OPTIMISTIC SCI-FI 2021” and For All Humans Theme]
  2. Stargazer (Arvind Jay, Anjishnu Noor Purnota; UK) [WINNER Space Pioneers Theme]
  3. Genesis (Constantin Kormann, Germany) [WINNER Friendly Aliens Theme]
  4. Celestial Twin (Chana de Moura, Portugal) [WINNER Caring For Our Universe Theme]
  5. Lift off (Damien Donnelly, Kevin Hughes; Ireland) [Honourable Mention ]
  6. The Coriolis Effect (Heath Freeland, Australia) [Honourable Mention ]
  7. Moon Keeper (Richard Maxime, Nicolas Gresland, Cohen Léo, Amanatiou Arthur, Alvarez Axel, Raux Michaël; France) [Honourable Mention ]
  8. Kairos, Quantitative Time (Carlos Scasso, Spain) [Honourable Mention ]
  9. Solitary (Daniel Farmer, US) [Honourable Mention ]
  10. The Terror Adaptors – ‘Blast Off!’ (Peter Renzullo, Adrian Faithfull ; Australia) [Honourable Mention ]
  11. Bot’s Best Friend (Tyleena-Louise Waldron, Tom Magill; Australia) [Honourable Mention ]
  12. The Girl on the Moon (Georgina Jenkins, Australia) [Honourable Mention ]
  13. Attuning (Luke Myers, US) [Honourable Mention ]
  14. Live Q&A with multi-award winning Filmmaker Adam Stern

Screening of Space Documentary Films

  1. The Great Voyage (Ratimir Rakuljić, Croatia) [WINNER“BEST SPACE DOCUMENTARY” & Astronomy Theme]
  2. NASA 1958 – 2100 (Jacob Barry, UK) [WINNER Future Space Exploration Theme]
  3. Moon Talk (Annette Juergens Busbee, Eric Dean Freese; US) [WINNER Rocket Science Theme]
  4. Zenith (Thomas Dalen, Norway) [Honourable Mention ]
  5. Kosberg Made It (Maksim Ishchenko, Russian Federation) [Honourable Mention ]
  6. Live discussion with a panel of space experts Jon Clarke, Penny King, Manik Mahajan , and Amy Wardrop

Thanks To Our Live Speakers

Adam Stern

A film/TV  proffesional for over twenty years, Adam’s company Artifex has won several VFX award. Adam himself has won several awards as writer/director including best Drama for his Optimistic Sci-Fi “FTL”.

Adam joins us in the morning session which is an opportumity for us to ask questions and learn from him.

Jon Clarke

Jonathan (Jon) Clarke  is the president of Mars Society Australia, and has BSc Honours degree in geology. Jon has taken part in six Mars analogue expeditions.  He has also participated in Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) and in the Mars 160 expedition at the Flashline Arctic Research Station.He currently works of MarsEVA suits for HumanA erospace Pty.Ltd.

Jon joins us live in the afternoon session as part of the discussion panel on “Space Faring Civilisation”. Feel free to ask Jon any questions

Penny King

Penelope (Penny) King is the Associate Dean (Research) in College of Science at Australian National University (ANU). She uses geochemistry and cosmochemistry to study planetary processes to better understand past and future planetary environments, and what this information may tells us about climate change. 

Penny joins us live in the afternoon session as part of the discussion panel on “Space Faring Civilisation”. Feel free to ask Penny any questions

Manik Mahajan

Manik is the co-founder of the Young Stars Program, which is an educational institution for kids to learn about space and science. While his background is in Computer Science and project management, he has a great passion for space and space exploration.

Manik joins us live in the afternoon session as part of the discussion panel on “Space Faring Civilisation”. Feel free to ask Manik any questions.

Amy Wardrop

Writer for Space Australia and technology leader in the entertainment industry, Amy has been a ‘Space-enthusiast’ since working in large-area conservation for National Parks and participating in the Earth Observation global community. She is a multi ward-winner with high profile  projects from Disney and Marvel Films. Amy is now based in Canberra at Aura Labs whilst completing postgrad studies at ANU. 

Amy joins us live in the afternoon session as part of the discussion panel on “Space Faring Civilisation”. Feel free to ask Amy any questions

John Kelly

John is a Canberra based professional actor, voice over artist and MC. He has appeared in a number of local and National commercials, independent films, TV series as well as local stage productions and corporate training videos. As a long time supporter of SFC films, John has also acted in a number of SFC productions and will be the Master of Ceremonies for our evening session (i.e. the Award Ceremony).

Thanks To Our Sponsors